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Dead Like Me Movie

Yes, the rumors are true.
They're making a straight-to-DVD movie for DLM coming out this year.
I think in August.

The trailer is here:

I love Dead Like Me. And I love that they're making the movie.
Desmond from Lost looks great. Mandy Patinkin is amazing, but I guess I'm willing to make sacrifices for some closure.

But Brett McKillip's character, Reggie, is TOTALLY transformed. She's sexy now. Okay, I know she's seventeen- but come on. Don't kill Reggie! I mean first impressions aren't always correct but it doesn't look like Reggie's going to be the same... at all.

Laura Harris, Daisy, as other commitments and I can live without her character- although I did like her. But I DO NOT like the replacement girl. She just seems ordinary.... And what's better yet? It's supposed to be the same character!!!!!! Daisy's not ordinary...

I'm glad Jasmine Guy (Roxy), Cynthia Steveson and Christine Willes are in it (the mom & Delores) <3 These characters never fail me.....
I hope George Eads (daddy!) and Christine Dahl (creepy!) are going to be in it too <3

Oh, and the whole narration kinda just seemed blah to me. Like usually, Georgia is supposed to say something that makes you think a little bit. But she kinda just says a lot without actually saying anything in the narration. But maybe its the first impression thing again, and I'm just over analyzing. After all, they do kinda sorta need to re-introduce stuff.

My hopes and dreams for this movie are kinda big and I don't know if they will be fulfilled. But they pertain to: the amazing ship or Mason & George, Rube's past (he obviously filled his quota- I would LOVELOVELOVE closure on his character), George re-connecting with her family WITHOUT OVERKILLING IT (oh my god, PLEASE don't over do it) and I think that's it.

The movie kinda seems like it's mainly about the latter. I hope they don't over-do it. It's easy to kill stuff like that with wishy-washy-Disney-magic-cliche elements. If you catch my drift.


Yeah... so that's that.

Oh, and by the way, thanks to my awesomely awesome friend Melissa (Comfy Slippers)- I love "How I Met Your Mother".
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