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Falling Slowly

How moving were Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová's speeches when they won best song????
Oh dear, and when Jon Steard brought her back out because she didn't get a chance to say anything???

I'm so happy for them. They deserved it too.

And I'm also very happy for Juno winning orignial screenplay.
Daniel Day Lewis was a give-in =P (I love him though.)

It was a pretty good year for the Oscars.
I was happy =)

On another note, I NEED A NEW iPOD!!!
(Note that even while making my letters capatalized to show that I am somewhat panicked, I took the time and effort out of my life to keep the "i" in "iPod" lowercase.)

I think I lost it. And I miss my music =(
I'm stuck with the radio, which is great and all. I love the music. But the alternative rock station DJs are idiots, the classic rock DJs are cocky, and the classical music DJs are boring.

Oh, anyway, check out my YouTube:
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