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Movie Reviews... why not?

But before we start all this, I just want you to know that I took the SATs yesterday and I wrecked dat **** yo.

None of the endings are given away. I'm just bored and wanted write my thoughts down to type my thoughts up on the screen.

I'll pick two movies that each seem to have people that loved them and hated them.

This is an adorable movie. I just saw it yesterday. I love, love, LOVE all the characters. Ellen Page and Jen Garner were great. The parents were great. Michael Cera was so cute (not in a boy way, if you've seen the movie- you know what I mean).

I liked the themes. It was very real, without being actually real. (This sentence makes sense in my mind.) This is what would happen in the situation, minus a few details maybe. See the movie and see if you agree.

And I love the resolution. I don't like giving away movies so see the movie and see if you agree.

It was a good movie overall, but I did have some problems.
Although I did enjoy the soundtrack, and I love the sond "Anyone Else But You", I felt that the songs in the movie were all the same!! It always starts out with a soft acoustic guitar, and then it goes into a soft spoken boy or girl pseudo-singing (almost talking) about relationships.

Oh, and I didn't mind that there was no major character development. Because honestly, sometimes I feel like character development just ruins a movie.
Is that weird?

I like taking movies for what they are. And Juno was a cute little story with a great script and good actors. It was quirky, and I enjoyed it.

I thought Cloverfield was good. It was abstract, and I liked it.

Now, I understand people not liking it for the jitteriness of the camera, and maybe even the party intro. But that stuff made me love it more. The awkwardness of home video always makes me laugh.

And to those of you who thought the ending was whack, then write me a better one. Because that's the kind of ending that you have to have in order to make the story good.

The reason why I said it was abstract is because it had a totally different way of giving closure. Yes, the movie DID have closure...
Did you notice that in the beginning of the movie they said that the film was "government property"? That way you know someone had found the camera, and you know that they're doing something good about the attack.
The "I had a good day" with the splash in the background thing was cute.

And the character development was cool too. That's what the party scene was for...

Again, take the movie for what it was, and don't expect anything too Hollywood.
It's a good movie, and it was nicely done.
Then you'll be sure to enjoy it on some level or another.

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