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I busted out my GameBoy Color and it's CONSUMING ME.
I have a Level 33 Wartortle named JOEKICKASS.
A Level 20 Pikachu named MERCUTIO.
A Level 22 Geodude named STALIN.
A Level 21 Gloom named LENIN.
A Level 21 Butterfree named NANCY DREW.
And a bunch of others in my PC: mainly Drowzees, Mankees, Pidgeys, Digletts, Rattatas, Spearows, Weedles, Metapods, and Oddishes. They have names like MISTA SEX, BENITO, R KELLY, VD, AJAXXX, VANELLA, KENYA, ZZ TOP, etc. They range from like Level 5 to level 16. My boyfriend and I have a planned duel whenever we get a cable. His ass is grass... just like my Gloom. (Pokemon jokes!)
And Melissa, I would never battle you because I know you're really superior to my only-three-badge-winning ass.

ANYWAY- back to real life...

I just applied for this scholarship and I wrote a kickass essay. Perhaps the best I've ever written... I'm pretty proud of it. It's supposed to be 500 words-ish. But it's like 545.

Oh and I got my AVERAGE SAT SCORES back..... 1040 Math-Verbal.... I've already planned on taking them again so it's all cool.

In other news, I've started a website (or a FreeWebs, which is not a real domain):

It's just starting out, but it'll be cool when it really unfolds.

In fandom news, Run Fatboy Run is coming out and I love Simon Pegg so that should be really cool.

Yeah, I guess that's it. Nothing interesting. Except for the fact that POKEMON KICKS ASS.

See ya.
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