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Azabella Drummond

I'm kinda crazy.
I have big dreams and I'm making this world a better place.
I'm always looking to make a friend.
I'm a vegetarian. And I like to cook.
I actually do have a lot of fun at school, and I like going there. But don't get me wrong, I like hanging out with my friends more. I would be nothing without my best friends.
I love the ideas that transcendentalism bring. I also love making people laugh. My favorite subject is always going to be English, although I do have big passions for French and history. I love theatre, film, music, procrastination, napping and YouTube too.
I have synesthesia, and I think it's really cool.
I have asthma too, and that isn't so cool...

My livejournal is for my fandoms.
This may include anything in my interests below.
a mighty wind, adam sandler, alan rickman, all that, always sunny, always sunny in philadelphia, ancient history, archaeology, art, best in show, broadway, cake, callum blue, capn crunch, charlie day, cheerios, cheez-its, chicago, chris crocker, christopher guest, chuck norris jokes, cocoa puffs, colin firth, crime scene investigation, csi, daniel radcliffe, dead like me, disney, disney moves, dr. tran, dreams, egypt, ellen muth, england, english, eric idle, europe, f. scott fitzgerald, film, flogging molly, flying circus, forrest gump, france, francophone, french, froot loops, frosted flakes, gary sinise, graham chapman, hairspray, hank green, helena bonham carter, history, holy grail, howimetyourmother, icons, ireland, italy, jack johnson, jimmy stewart, john c. reilly, john cleese, john green, john mayer, johnny depp, jon stewart, jonathan larson, kicking ass, law and order: svu, led zeppelin, linguistics, little miss sunshine, mandy patinkin, marilyn monroe, michael madsen, michael palin, monty python, ovaltine, parker posey, performing arts, phantom of the opera, photography, piano, pokemon, psych, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, reeses puffs, rent, rugrats, samuel l. jackson, scottland, special education, special victims unit, spongebob sqarepants, stage crew, stephen colbert, stephen sondheim, steve buscemi, super mario, synesthesia, teletubbies, terry gilliam, the doors, the great gatsby, the magic bullet, the magic bullet infomercial, the meaning of life, theatre, this is spinal tap, tim burton, tim roth, tom hanks, totally kyle, vegeterian, vegeterianism, vlogbrothers, waiting for guffman